I started this year with an injury, and for a while it looked like I was going to end the year with an injury. To put things simply, just a few weeks ago my running felt a bit like a distant memory and a flash in the pan, so to come out of Lesotho Ultra Trail with nothing but good feelings at the end of it, fills me with hope and pride.

Let me rewind a bit to June. I was feeling fit, confident, light and fast – I felt like a real life athlete for the first time in my life! Then, it all unravelled rather quickly. Keeping it simple, the series of events went as followed: trained super hard. Did stupid things. Got injured. Continued running. Did 130km in the Drakensberg in 5 days. Got ‘more’ injured. Did my hardest track session to that point. Felt messed up and took two weeks off. Went to Norway, felt tired, sick, overtrained and injured. Got cutoff after walking nearly 20km in Tromso Skyrace. Ran/hiked 30km two days later – idiot move. Came home and took a week off. Tried running and it was painful… no, debilitating. Got a MRI a few weeks later – delayed due to the guilt of how expensive a MRI is. Threats of operations loomed in the doctors rooms. Luckily avoided that. Got platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy. 6 weeks after PRP treatment, I was able to do 1 min run, 2 min walk repeats. Continue reading “2017 REDEMPTION”


That Rotten DNF 

I could say that my entire first half of 2017 has been shaped around Tromsø Skyrace. My build up felt better than any other race, I am by all accounts faster, fitter and stronger than what I’ve ever been. I planned many trips to the Drakensberg, including 5 peaks – 5 days gaining just short of 10 000m elevation in 130km – 3 weeks before the race. My track times were faster than what they’ve ever been and I felt far more powerful power hiking. I was finally beginning to feel like a real mountain runner Continue reading “That Rotten DNF “

#5PeaksWithSPOT – Photo Journal

The Drakensberg has become a bit of a dreamland for me. Every time I run in those mountains I have a different experience, some incredible and some frightening. It’s that exact mystery that intrigues me.

On the 5th of August I’ll be on the start line of Tromso Extreme Skyrace (Norway). Yeah, it’s pretty extreme with 4600m of ascent in 53km, that’s beyond any amount of climbing I’ve done, as it is I’m pretty poor at ascending! Anyway, so I figured I best get some mountain time, there’s little I love more than standing on a peak looking into infinity.

I messaged fellow mountain goat and friend Rory Scheffer, all I had to say was 5 major peaks in the Berg and he was in. The goal being vertical, we picked 5 peaks and didn’t think much of the distance getting to them.

As seen above, Rory and I touching base and planning at our home for the Continue reading “#5PeaksWithSPOT – Photo Journal”

Sandwiches anyone? 

I’m not usually one to entertain myself with a feminist rant. As a rule I’m pretty relaxed about the topic and simply live a life I’m interested in, despite expectations and misconceptions about women – that weirdly enough still occur in 2017. I know, shock to the system!

For two seconds I’d like to reflect on some races I’ve taken part in or have followed, in 2017 alone. Drakensberg Northern Trail, 4 women in the top 10, Holly Page 2nd overall. Continue reading “Sandwiches anyone? “

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